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Uniting Hearts: Telio from Hamburg Empowers Family Ties within Portugal’s Correctional Facilities

Hamburg, Germany, February 20, 2024 The Hamburg-based Telio Group, a worldwide leading provider of telecommunications services to the correctional industry, continues its global expansion in its 26th year of existence. A significant milestone has now been reached with the introduction of telephony in 49 prisons in Portugal. From now on, in the westernmost EU country, […]

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Telio Group Enters North American Market

Telio Group, provider of telecommunications services to the correctional industry, finalized the acquisition of Synergy Inmate Phone Solutions, Inc. and Synergy Telecom Service Company, Inc. (Synergy), based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. This strategic investment strengthens Telio’s position to drive change in the correctional landscape and to improve delivery of correctional services in a socially responsible manner around the globe aligning with its vision to transform the industry.

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Dedicated to fostering an environment for positive mental health and successful rehabilitation- Interview with Oliver Drews, CEO Telio Group in Worldleaders Magazine

Communication and connection are fundamental human needs that provide comfort and allow people to share their experiences and concerns with others. For inmates, who often have limited physical connections and rely on telephones to stay in touch with family and the outside world, communication is particularly important. Oliver Drews, CEO of Telio Group, is a Hamburg-based entrepreneur. He […]

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